Information Governance - (INFOSEC)

"Information security by technical means is not sufficient ..."

The Operating Framework of 2010 and 2011 makes a clear statement on the necessity to implement controls on the distribution of personal and confidential data in your possession.

Key Points*

  • Standards and procedures need to be in place controlling the access to and distribution of personal data.
  • The process is an ongoing one, and a key part of the process is continuous improvement.
  • Processes must be regularly audited regularly utilizing the centrally provided audit methodology.
This is a major undertaking for a small practice or business. Medical, technical and administrative staff are not normally able to undertake implementing and maintaining the process without training and the target of continuous improvement may not be a reality.

How we can help...

At ITX, we have been developing, installing and maintaining Information Security systems for clients in the public sector and the military for over 15 years. We can train you to produce your own system or even do the work for you - with as little or as much input from us as you require. You can ensure that your practice or business meets the requirements of continuous improvement by using us as your IG partners to audit and update your system.
  • IG training
  • IG Implementation
  • IG Documentation & Support
  • Auditing & Continuous Assessment

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