Information Governance

A security policy should fulfil many purposes. It should:

  • Protect people and information
  • Track compliance with NHS requirements
  • Set the rules for expected behavior by users, system administrators, management, and security personnel
  • Authorize security personnel to monitor, probe, and investigate
  • Define and authorize the consequences of violation
  • Help minimize risk

In short …

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Compliance can be major undertaking for a small practice or business. Medical, technical and administrative staff are not normally able to undertake implementing and maintaining the process without training and the target of continuous improvement may not be a reality. We can assist in taking on key roles within your organization.


The Connecting for Health websites provides excellent training resources for those needing to implement IG, but these concepts can seem complex to those users unfamiliar with Data Protection and Information Security.
Each member of staff should be provided with a level of IG training commensurate with his or her role within the organization.  We can help with training either by providing mentoring – one-on-one or in a group role or additional learning material and courses

Practical help

From a practical point of view, we can supply a qualified person to do anything that you would normally do yourself. We can create and implement documents and policies or even work with you and complete the IG Toolkit online.

Auditing & Security Roles

Auditing can apply to policies and standards, ensuring they are met. It can equally well apply to physical security. Both are areas where a trained auditor could make your life easier.

Consultancy & Support

Each member of staff should be kept informed where support and further information are available. A support contract with ITX ensures that support and the necessary action on any issue is available quickly and easily. Escalation and incident reporting can also be integrated under the same contract