When you rely on your computer to run your practise, and you get problems it's difficult to know where to turn for support. Big organizations have an IT department, but what about smaller operations? ITX Associates can support in these areas.

Information Governance - (INFOSEC)

"Information security by technical means is not sufficient ..."

You have a responsibility to protect your clients, patients and employees to protect personal data from unauthorized access. Organizations face security threats from a wide range of sources and are vulnerable to attacks such as computer viruses, hacking and denial of service attacks. Information security by technical means is not sufficient and needs to be supported by policies and procedures.
  • IG training
  • IG Implementation
  • IG Documentation & Support
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Data Integrity & Availability

"ITX will take your mind off IT — leaving you to concentrate on running your business"

That's where ITX Associates come in. ITX can offer you the professional level of support that the big companies enjoy. We’ve been in the IT industry since 1979 and our clients have come from both the public and private sectors. ITX will solve your technology issues quickly and efficiently, and help you stay within budget – We’ll take the IT headaches so you can focus on what your business does best. Read more...