Whilst there is no official requirement for the role of Caldicott Guardian within a General Practice, it is still necessary to ensure appropriate Information Governance arrangements are in place.  This requires that a designated person in the practice takes responsibility for the management of patient and practice records and that the relevant policies and standards are in place and maintained.

"... a designated person in the practice takes responsibility ..."

The designated person takes responsibility for implementing, monitoring and auditing the standard of information handling within the practice.

"...there is no standing still, you must move forward."

Information governance works in a similar role to quality control in that is it is a continuous process with the designated person developing and implementing an improvement plan - i.e. there is no standing still, you must move forward.
  • There is an IG policy in place;
  • Your IG policy is regularly assessed
  • Your approach policy is communicated to all staff and made available to the public;
  • Your staff are trained to carry-out their role;
  • You submit your annual IG Toolkit Assessment - on time;
  • You coordinate the activities of staff given data protection, confidentiality and Freedom of Information responsibilities;
  • You monitor the organization’s information handling activities to ensure compliance with law and guidance;
  • You support monitoring visits from the commissioning organization.
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